Love Yourself And Love Your Wine

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Eco Friendly

Although glass is recyclable, it’s also energy-intensive to produce; switching to plastic and cardboard is much less energy intensive to produce and the cardboard (and in some cases the plastic) can also be recycled.

Longer Life

The air-tight seal between the tap and bag means that wine in a box can be stored for weeks once opened without the taste being affected whereas wine from a bottle should ideally be consumed within a matter of hours or days.


Wine boxes hold the equivalent of four bottles of wine at about half the space. Less driving, more relaxing. Plus, no messing with the corkscrew—or whatever alternative you try to come up with when you realize you left the bottle opener at home.

Our Wines

Love Yourself and Love Your Wine

Live in color. Live your life fully and kindly without hesitation. Spend time with others and play nicely. Respect yourself. Think about things that make the world better. Do these things. Enjoy. Rest. Renew. Appreciate the beautiful earth that surrounds you. Drink good wine.

Red Wine Blend Box
Red Wine Blend
Balanced and Playful

Ripe blackberry and plum, complex, with loads of texture and a medium to full body.

Rosé Wine Box
Rosé Wine
Fun and Flexible

Fresh and juicy strawberries, with bright watermelon notes.

White Wine Blend Box
White Wine Blend
Light and Focused

Meadow flowers, honeysuckle and bright lemon.

Cabernet Sauvignon Box
Cabernet Sauvignon
Full and Fearless

Full bodied and rich, with broad shoulders and bold brambly fruit.

Chardonnay Box
Toasty and Toned

Crowd pleaser Chardonnay, lightly toasted, with subtle vanilla and zippy acidity.

Merlot Box
Smooth and Centered

Blueberry jam, velvety texture, with medium body and lovely balance.

Riesling Box
Sweet and Sensible

Perfectly sweet, refreshing acidity, floral notes and a touch of honey.